How to know the “technology” behind a website ?

Did you ever wondered about the technology behind a website ? I did and most of all do. When we visit a website/web app, we would like to know ‘how they did it ?’ or ‘what kind of technology/language/frameworks are they using ?”. Now you may think, “oh its easy, i know how to check the extension LOL”. But that’s not going to work anymore, because most of the web apps are using frameworks, which are using MVC- Model View Controller Pattern. So your are not able to see the page extension like .php .jsp etc. So how can we  ?


Its easy, you just need to add an extension named ‘Wappalyzer‘. You can find this extension/add-on on chrome or firefox respectively. Once you installed on your browser, then you can find a lot of information about a website. “You don’t have to wonder anymore”.


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