How to download subtitles while you watch a movie ?

We all are using subtitles while watching movies and i assume you know how to do that. But today i would like to teach you how to do it in a friendly way or in an easy way. We all are using one or another video player to play our favorite video content. I suggest you to always stick with VLC, because it is opensource, rock solid and it allow us to search for subtitles and download it while you watch a movie.


How to do that ?

While you playing the movie, goto View->Download Subtitles

There are two options to find the subtitles

  1. Search by hash
  2. Search by name

Search by hash: It creates a hash of your movie file and make a search (This searching technique gives more accurate results).

Search by name: This is a traditional way of searching w.r.t the file name (This searching technique gives a plenty of results, but not sure whether it match for your video file or not).

What is the source ?

VLC is performing this operation with the help of an extension named VLSub, currently version 0.9.13. This extension searches on the database of, and output the results.

Is it stable ?

No, it is not. The extension seems to be buggy sometimes and it force vlc to crash.

How to make it stable (at least better) ?

You can download an alternate version or a updated version of VLSub from the git hub and put all those downloaded files (after decompressing it) into the directory %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\

After copy those files into the ‘extensions’ directory, you have to restart vlc. After restarting you can see a new entry named VLsub under the View menu.


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